"Here’s the plan ladies…we hit the bank tomorrow…Gina, you’re the bait.

Your job is to distract the cops for as long as possible while we rob the place. You'll inevitably be caught. But the longer you run, the more we get…

See you on the other side…"


Run away from the police for as long as you can. The longer you run, the more money your bank heist partners can steal! Try to get a high score!


Accelerate: UP or W

Turn: Left/Right Arrow or A/D

Restart Level: R


This game is a collaboration between PandamanderCoopal00ps, and Elliot Dahle for Ludum Dare 50: "Delay the Inevitable". Follow us here on itch, and on Twitter and Instagram for more games every month!

Great car chase music from the awesome Abstraction. Check out their music here!

And thank YOU - THE PLAYER!


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Enjoyed this one! I ended up running some laps around the track and got to S-Tier. Way to go guys!!

Game looks/feels great, good job guys :) !