For millennia the  world has relied on the unfathomable power of ELEPHANT GUN PRIME, the universe’s champion, to defend them. However due to a priority on work/life balance, ELEPHANT GUN PRIME is taking paid time off and is not reachable.

The universe will need to rely on the backup: ELEPHANT GUN NANO, who received a poor performance evaluation last year. 

Will ELEPHANT GUN NANO be able to step up to this challenge of cosmic significance?


  • Move - WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Shoot - Right Mouse Click, SPACE


This game is a collaboration between Elliott Dahle and Pandamander, made in 31 days for our game-a-month challenge. Follow us for more games every month:
Pandamander: Twitter , Instagram
Elliott Dahle: Twitter , Instagram

Amazing music by Tim Beek

And thank YOU - THE PLAYER!!

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